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'Letting go, letting be and letting in is the secret of living a rich and inspired life'
Dr Menis Yousry
The Essence Process with Dr Menis Yousry

The next Foundation Course

in the UK

20 - 22th June 2014

Washington Mayfair Hotel,

5 Curzon Street Mayfair,

London W1J 5HE.

book Essence Process

Discover Your Hidden Memory
& Find the Real You

This book reveals the powerful, invisible waves of influence that inform our actions, bind us to the past and hold us back in our present.

Simple but effective exercises provide the tools to identify exactly how our actions today are connected to our past experiences - and what we can do to change this now.

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The Essence Process
Respected as one of the world’s leading providers of personal development courses, the Essence Process offers unique life-changing programmes globally.
It was founded in 2003 by Psychologist and Psychotherapist Dr Menis Yousry and is staffed almost entirely by volunteers who have benefited from Essence courses.
The Essence Process delivers programmes in 16 locations throughout Europe and the Middle East.
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Foundation Course
Wed 23rd - Sun 27th Apr
Bourgas, Bulgaria

Foundation Course
Fri 2nd - Sun 4th May
Spain (TBC)

Foundation Course
Fri 9th - Sun 11th May
Hanoi, Vietnam

"Short Walk to Freedom" Podcast of Dr Menis Yousry speaking in a recent course

"Saying YES to our past" Podcast of Dr Menis Yousry speaking in a recent course


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